How Flatulence Occurs

In the dictionary, flatulence is defined as the passing of wind from the digestive tract. This wind passes out as part of a natural biological process. Every person has occasional flatulence (i.e. passes wind). This is passed on average 15 to 20 times a day and the amount of gas passed comes to three to four pints in a day. We typically do not worry at all about this as the gas is odorless and no sound is produced.

The process of digestion involves the breaking down of things that we have eaten and their nutrients. Carbohydrates are broken down into starches, proteins into amino acids and fats into fatty acids and glycerol. But when some of these things do not get broken down when and where they should be, gas is produced and flatulence follows.

Any food not broken down in the small intestine (where it should be) enters the large intestine. If you are lactose intolerant) i.e. you do not have the enzyme lactase in your intestine) then you can have problems digesting dairy products. This enzyme breaks lactose into two sugar molecules to be absorbed by the bloodstream. If lactase is not present, lactose passes undigested into the large intestine.

In the large intestine there are billions of hungry bacteria waiting to eat the lactose. These bacteria will break down the food, but in doing so produce gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide produces the odor that is associated with flatulence; it is when food is digested in the large intestine that you have problem flatulence.

Similarly, due to the absence of other enzymes one or the other part of different foods may remain undigested and produce flatulence. This is the reason why some people will have foods that cause problem flatulence while other people have no such problems.

It is often said that proteins do not cause flatulence, but just like other nutrients it depends on the make-up of the specific person’s digestive system. Everyone is different, and built differently. Therefore, in order to stop flatulence we must keep a food diary, keeping a note of what we eat and when, and checking in that diary when we have flatulence to see what might be causing the condition.

It is only by closely examining what we are eating and what we are doing on a daily basis that we will find the truth about why we suffer with flatulence, and be able to make the decisions that allow us to move on and beat the problem once and for all.

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Doctor for flatulence – He is within you

Flatulence or passing wind is a biological function which occurs in the digestive system. It occurs in every individual. This is because during digestion, waste gases are emitted during breakdown of foods. Some of these gases are odorless but when we consume certain foods the gas may emit a foul odor. There are some steps that you can follow to avoid smelly flatulence and the resulting public embarrassment.

First of all we must understand what is happening inside our body. When we eat food, it is broken up into smaller pieces and mixed with saliva. The more you chew the food, the more it mixes with saliva and the more fully it is digested. This is because when the food goes down the oesophagus, it is not broken up. It is merely pushed through the oesophagus to the stomach.

The stomach then changes the food into a semi liquid. It acts only on the part that is broken up and the broken up parts – like sugar and medicine – are absorbed by the stomach walls. The rest travels to the small intestine where it is further broken down and absorbed by the blood stream. Any food still undigested goes to the large intestine, from where it is released. It is here that build up of gases occurs, as gas is not absorbed by the body.

It is true that some foods cause more gas than others. Starches like potatoes, wheat, corn and most noodles, beans and carbonated beverages cause more gas. Carbonated beverages, in particular, cause more because CO2 is added to them to make them fizzy. However, if you have a glass of soda every so often it will not cause any real harm.

To balance the effect of these gas causing foods it is wise to take probiotics instead of gas causing foods. Good sources of probiotics include soy sauce, yoghurt and pickled vegetables. These are easily digestible as they contain a special type of acid that aids digestion, thus avoiding flatulence.

Sometimes, however, the problem can be a little bit more persistent than this, and at such times it can be a good idea to take supplements containing digestive enzyme compounds. These will help your body produce more of the necessary enzymes and aid your digestion, therefore limiting the amount of flatulence and lessening its unpleasant effects.

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Preventive measures for flatulence

Abdominal bloating, belching, and passing smelly flatulence with a sound are all symptoms which cause discomfort – as well as social embarrassment. Many of us have to deal with cramps and pain in the abdomen. All of this is because of flatulence. But we can prevent it all from happening if we follow some simple tips.

1. The first and foremost reason is the taking in of air. We take in and swallow air frequently if we eat in a hurry or we talk while we eat. People who do not chew their food properly, too, will take in air. Chewing things such as chewing gum or tobacco also increases ingestion of air. All these should be avoided or limited so that only a normal amount of air reaches the intestines.

2. Avoid smoking. Smoking, like the above habits, also promotes ingestion of air. Not only this, but smoking also has an adverse effect on our digestive as well as respiratory system, both of which can result in increased flatulence.

3. Changing our lifestyle also helps in preventing flatulence. It is better to eat smaller amounts more often, for the sake of your digestive system. Taking 4-6 small meals instead of three big meals aids digestion and helps in controlling and reducing flatulence.

4. There are various foods like cabbage, beans, broccoli, cheese, chick peas etc. which cause excessive gas build up. Such foods should be eaten only in limited amounts on rare occasions, or even avoided altogether if they prove to be your “problem food”.

5. Eating meat can also increase gas build up. Meat products can be difficult to digest. As a result the bacteria present in the intestines get more time to act on them thus causing flatulence. Processed meat products and similar foods should also be taken rarely, as they can cause flatulence.

6. Stale foods should not be consumed. These already contain bacteria which are breaking them down outside the body. When these foods are eaten this decomposition produces flatulence in the body which is harmful. If there is doubt over the freshness of food, then do not eat it. This is not just advice to prevent flatulence, but a general rule.

7. Eat only as much as you can carry in your stomach. Do not overload it if you want to control flatulence. The more food your stomach needs to break down, the more is likely to get through to the large intestine where bacteria can get at it.

8. Oily and spicy foods are difficult to digest. Slow digestion increases flatulence. Therefore we should keep our consumption of these foods to a sensible level, and try to balance it with foods that encourage digestion.

Following all these measures is a good way of controlling flatulence and also preventing it. If your problem persists even when following the above measures, then it may be worth going to a doctor who can direct you to a dietitian if needs be, or get to the bottom of the problem themselves.

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Your spice rack – Medicine for flatulence

Flatulence is a common biological process. It occurs in every individual. It simply involves the passing of wind, and may be due to indigestion. Any undigested food present in the large intestine is acted upon by bacteria. The decomposition which occurs as a result gives off gases and can be accompanied by a foul smell. This foul smell is due to the presence of sulphur compounds.

Excess flatulence can be treated from your kitchen cabinets. Turmeric and salt, for example, when taken in a glass of lukewarm water gives immediate relief from flatulence. This is one of the useful remedies for flatulence. Others are listed below.

1. Take a spoonful of seeds of Bishop’s weed. Add this to a spoonful of lemon juice. Mix until you have achieved a paste. Whenever you have any problems of flatulence suck this paste. It will give you relief.

2. Take some asafetida and grind it to a paste. If an infant has a flatulence problem, apply this paste to a wad of cotton and rub it on its navel. The child will be relieved from flatulence. The elderly can also try this remedy as it is very simple and uncomplicated.

4. Fennel seeds and sugar ground to powder taken after meals are very good for flatulence. If we flavour a glass of sugarcane juice with powdered fennel seeds and a pinch of rock salt and take it twice a day, we will be relieved from flatulence in a short time. Fennel seeds are also traditionally provided after each Indian meal. This helps in digestion and relieves our flatulence.

5. Fenugreek and dill seeds are taken in equal amounts and roasted. They are then crushed and kept in a closed can. This mixture can be a relief from flatulence if taken regularly.

6. Caraway seeds are also effective for flatulence when taken orally or as an infusion, thrice a day after meals. Cinnamon, when boiled in water and then cooked and taken half an hour after each meal, is also effective in flatulence.

All of these are ways that your spice rack can provide effective in flatulence. It is well worth keeping a well-stocked spice rack for this very reason, as well as making mealtimes more varied and enjoyable.

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Home remedies for flatulence

Excess flatulence and other problems connected to digestive gas may require medical attention. At other times, flatulence can be treated by simple remedies available at home – especially in your kitchen. The kitchen is the home for most of the effective home remedies for excess flatulence.

Old family remedies usually work very well. Your granny and her family did not have many doctors to treat them. Your granny therefore followed her granny’s advice and used home remedies to solve most of her and her family’s medical problems. Flatulence was no exception – and these remedies had to be effective to survive. Below are some examples of traditional flatulence remedies

1. Take the juice of a clove of garlic and mix with ginger in lukewarm water. If we drink this when suffering flatulence we can get well in a matter of minutes. If a person is suffering with chronic flatulence, a clove of garlic with a little water first thing in the morning daily will solve your problem.

2. Another thing that most people will have at home is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. If you mix some of it in a cupful of water and squeeze lemon in it, and drink it when you have some troublesome flatulence, you will feel the benefit.

3. Constipation causes flatulence. This is because undigested food or waste food is left for a longer time in the large intestine and bacteria act on it to create flatus. In this case, tamarind squeezed in water and boiled with sugar can help.

4. Turmeric and salt taken in lukewarm water is also an effective remedy for flatulence. Raw turmeric green with a dash of lemon juice and salt and pepper when taken with meals can reduce flatulence. A spoonful of seeds of Bishop’s weed with a spoonful of lemon juice sucked at the time of flatulence can also provide relief.

5. Castor oil added to warm milk and taken at night will provide relief from even acute constipation and so help in the treatment of flatulence.

These and several other home remedies can help in the treatment and prevention of excessive flatulence.

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Flatulence – A biological and social problem

Scientifically, flatulence simply means the passing of wind by a person. The wind itself is often called flatus. This is a common biological process and takes place in every human being. The average person will pass wind up to twenty times each day and the total amount that is passed out comes to about 2-3 pints per day.

Sometimes, however, this may happen in excess. As an excess of anything is bad, so the same is true for flatulence. Excess flatulence can be a big biological and social problem. Typically when we pass gas it happens silently and without giving off smell. It is passed involuntarily and the person does not know it has even happened.

But excess flatulence is often accompanied by a foul smell, abdominal pain, cramps and bloating as well as belching. In addition it may also cause a loud noise, which is invariably an embarrassment in a social setting. This is the most common reason for people to seek treatment for flatulence from a medical professional.

The reasons for flatulence are manifold. Flatulence occurs when food remains undigested in the large intestine. When you consume heavy, oily and spicy foods or do not eat at regular intervals, it can lead to indigestion that causes gas. If you eat even when you are not feeling hungry, food may not be digested fully, and undigested food that remains in the intestines for long periods may cause flatulence.

Eating food too quickly, talking while eating, chewing gum, beetle nut or tobacco may also let in more air than normal and cause flatulence. Smoking also causes wind, for the above reason and because of its effect on the digestive system.

In addition vices such as drinking also are linked to flatulence. Psychological conditions such as tension, stress, depression, extreme anger etc. may also be responsible for flatulence. This is because they have an adverse effect on the digestive system and as a result can cause flatulence.

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Spices, Herbs – Relief from flatulence

Your kitchen spice rack can be like a surrogate medicine cabinet if you know how to use the spices within it. Herbs like peppermint, fennel, caraway and anise are all relievers of flatulence related problems, as are spices like dill, basil, rosemary, turmeric, coriander, cloves and cardamom pods.

For excess flatulence, all you have to do is pour one cup of boiling water over dried peppermint leaves and allow the mixture to steep for ten minutes. Then sieve the liquid and drink it warm. This will relieve you from flatulence, and if you are on a tight budget then a cup of peppermint tea can have a similar effect.

Crush fennel seeds, mix in boiling water and then drink it. Similarly, dill oil if added to warm water can also provide relief from flatulence. Caraway seeds can be used by crushing them and adding them to tea. These seeds can also be eaten after meals as caraway crackers. Anise can also be used in the same way, although you must be careful in this case as it has been known to cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Spices are also helpful in digestion. Basil, when added to various dishes gives flavour as well as helping in controlling flatulence. Rosemary, when added to gassy foods such as broccoli, cabbage and beans gives flavour as well as relief from gas. Turmeric acts as an actacid and can be enjoyed as a seasoning with foods that may cause gas. It may also be added to rice to give it a bright yellow colour – this, too, will help to reduce flatulence.

In stir-fry dishes, coriander works very well to ease gas trouble. In vegetable dishes it can be beneficial to add cardamom pods so as to boost flavor and also reduce gas production and aid in digestion. Cloves also make a great addition to rice or fruit dishes to reduce flatulence.

Flatulence can never be entirely avoided, and being a natural process it never should be. But excess flatulence can be prevented for good if we know where to find the correct remedy for it.

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Flatulence and remedies from the kitchen

The term ‘flatulence’ comes from the word ‘flatus’ meaning gas from the stomach. In medical terms it refers to the occurrence of excess gas in the intestines and digestive tract. Your warning signs for excess flatulence will be fairly clear and unmistakable, with the main ones being bloating and a heavy feeling, accompanied by loud and smelly passing of wind.

Although it is a normal process in most people, it may be troublesome if it is excessive. Fortunately you can take some steps to reduce flatulence – in fact there are some items in your kitchen which can play a major part in reducing excess flatulence.

Lemon juice mixed with water and ½ teaspoon baking soda can reduce flatulence and give relief from bloating and painful stomach cramps. Vegetables like sweet peppers which are rich in Vitamin C help in reducing the excess amount of gas in the digestive tract. However, a Vitamin C tablet may actually make the problem worse and should therefore be avoided.

Pumpkin is also a useful vegetable if you are keen to cure flatulence. It can be used steamed, baked, in a soup or as a side dish. This simple vegetable is highly rated by dietitians as a preventative for flatulence.

Another food that works to reduce flatulence is yoghurt. Although it is a dairy product, it contains acidophilus that encourages the growth of “friendly bacteria”. Therefore, food does not stay in the intestines long enough to produce excess gas.

Your spice rack is another useful place which can operate as a medicine cabinet for excess flatulence. Herbs like peppermint, basil, rosemary, fennel, caraway and anise are all helpful in providing relief from flatulence. Spices like dill, turmeric, coriander, cardamom and cloves are also useful in treating excess flatulence by normalizing the digestive process.

Therefore, it is not necessary that you should rush to the doctor for every attack of flatulence. You can use your kitchen as a secondary pharmacy and be your own doctor. If you can take care of the minor cases of flatulence then you can avoid it becoming more severe; that said, if it does become severe you should then visit a doctor.

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When you have to seek medical care in flatulence

Flatulence in its standard form is not a cause for any real concern. It is a perfectly natural biological process just like breathing and your heartbeat. It is a necessary step of the digestive process and the average person may pass out gas up to twenty times a day to a total of 1 to 3 pints of gas every day.

The thing to worry about is excess flatulence, which causes great discomfort as well as social embarrassment. This can result from the noise of the flatulence, which can be loud and obvious; it can come from the smell caused by the mix of gases in flatus; or it may come from some combination of both.

It is not always necessary to go to the doctor when you have flatulence. However, there are some times when it may become serious, to the point where you have to take medical care. Knowing the difference between typical and serious may be of great benefit to you.

Sometimes flatulence will cause cramps in your stomach which cause great discomfort. You could be woken up early by these cramps. At this time it is wise to consult your doctor. It is wise to keep track of the foods that seem to provoke flatulence, as a list may help your doctor make the correct diagnosis.

Sometimes there is a sudden change in bowel habits accompanied by flatulence. You may find yourself going to the toilet too often, or with a case of constipation, which may be accompanied by passing more gas. In such cases, it is essential to get the once-over from a doctor.

At other times you may pass out blood in the stool. This will always make a person panic, but it may not be as serious as first thought. It is nonetheless essential to consult with your doctor regarding the cause of this bleeding; causes can range from very serious to comparatively trivial.

Nausea and vomiting may occur as a result of flatulence. This may cause great discomfort and other complications and should be treated by a medical specialist. Abdominal pain and swelling may also be a result of excessive flatulence. Do not try your own medication in these cases – always take the advice of a medical specialist and use any medication they have advised.

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Poor Bowel Function and Flatulence

Natural flatulence is a process that occurs in us all, every day. It is when it becomes excessive that it is a cause for concern. This can occur for various reasons including diet, illness and poor bowel function.

Poor bowel function means the body is not passing its waste in the correct way. In this case, undigested food is not fully passed out. The food which remains is broken down by bacteria, and this breakdown produces hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane along with sulphur compounds that causes audible and smelly flatulence.

Poor bowel function can also be a result of insufficient fiber in your diet. Fiber is present in fruits or in vegetables taken raw as salad as well as in wholegrain bread and breakfast cereals. These contain insoluble fiber that helps in the passing out of undigested food and thus reduces flatulence.

Some parasites present in our intestines also tend to disturb the bowel habits. If this is the case you may suffer from constipation or diarrhea which will also be accompanied by flatulence.

Inflammatory bowel diseases may also play a part in bowel malfunction. Conditions such as hemorrhoids (Piles) may also be responsible for constipation which in turn causes flatulence.

In some cases, constipation may be caused by colon cancer. This is rare, and particularly uncommon among the under-60s, but it is still worth seeing a doctor. Some ulcers, too, that block the intestines do not allow the undigested food to get out of the intestines through the rectum. This will cause flatulence.

The condition of thyroid malfunction is now common. This will affect the functioning of various organs, including the digestive organs. When digestion is not completed and the intestines are blocked by undigested food, the bowels may not function properly.

Use of drugs may also affect the way your bowels function. But before taking any medication you should consult the doctor as to its potential side effects, so that you can prevent flatulence.

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Even for those who go to the doctor, the prescribed cure may be effective in one way, but this rarely happens without also having side-effects. These side effects can be socially damaging, uncomfortable and unpleasant. And the plain truth is that the cures never go to the root of the problem, so when you discontinue the medication you’re simply back to square one. What people really need is something that takes action and deals with the causes of flatulence, in a way which means that the condition can be banished for good without unpleasant side effects.

Ultimate Flatulence Cure By Joseph Arnold

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Treating your flatulence is no longer a matter of visiting a doctor who will prescribe pills to deal with the condition. While those pills may stop your flatulence in the short term, they will not cure the problem that is causing your flatulence. Often, this is the bigger problem and really needs its own attention. Your flatulence is most likely to be the result of problems with your diet, your lifestyle or general health, or some combination of these factors. Only when addressed holistically is the problem going to be taken out of the equation altogether, and this guide will help do that.

Is “Ultimate Flatulence Cure Guide” A Scam?

There are too many people on the internet and in general marketing who will swear blind that they can provide a simple solution to a complicated problem. But when it comes to your health, all problems are complicated and few solutions are simple. Your body is a very complicated and in many ways delicate organism, and most of the problems you will have with your health are the results of some kind of imbalance. When you see a guide that promises that one simple pill, just one little change will make all the difference, you are looking at a scam. It’s just not realistic.

The good news is that Joseph Arnold has created a guide to cure flatulence that takes into account the fact that the body is complicated and that each one is unique. This ebook will take you through the steps you need to find out how you can put away the problem definitively, and in following the steps gathered inside you will be able to learn a lot more about the way your body works. With important tips on diet and exercise as well as invaluable information on what causes different kinds of flatulence, it is the most in-depth ebook available on the subject to date.

There are various products on the market which insist that they can put an end to your digestive discomfort for good, but this is a pipe dream unless you are prepared to make the changes involved in giving your digestive system the support it needs. From the foods to avoid to the ones you should eat more of, and the questions you should ask a doctor, this is the guide to help you with that.

Will This Book Cure My Flatulence?

There is no easy way to guarantee the effectiveness of a program or a product, and even the world’s richest companies have been seen to have big issues with research and development of their products. Then there is the fact that every human being is different. Two different people can have almost identical problems and treat them in the same way but have different results. That is why Joseph Arnold has taken the care to write a pdf ebook which is holistic in its approach, and provides a full overview of the causes and different treatments that you may encounter.

Available as a download from, this book will shine a light on the issues which cause flatulence and how to deal with them and will give clarity on an issue which is all too often obscured by quick fixes and false information. It takes account of the myths and the unreported facts which cause so many people to miss out on the best information. By taking this holistically slanted approach, it will give the maximum number of people the best possible chance of curing their problem once and for all.

In combination with the guides which come packaged with it as a set of free gifts, this book will not only give you the tools to cure your own flatulence, it will also give you important tips which will allow you to feel better in a number of different ways. Instead of wasting money on medications which may work as a stop-gap, taking heed of this guide will allow you to see benefits above and beyond the stopping of symptoms. It will give you a whole new lease of life and also open your mind to a range of different dietary options that you had never considered before.

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