Chronic Flatulence

Chronic Flatulence: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

First of all, flatulence is a normal function of the body. This happens because of the buildup and the upsurge of different mixtures of excess gases in our bodies. These gases are the by-products and the result of the process of digestion. Although this is a very normal process and function in the body, it is also quite embarrassing and shameful as it sometimes gives off a foul smelling odor and also makes noises. Flatulence is informally and commonly called as farting.

Flatus, or the mixture of the excess gas in our bodies passes through the rectum through the peristaltic or the contraction process. The rectum is located in the large intestine and it is the final and the last portion. It is located right next to the anus. The noises made by ‘farting’ is usually linked to flatulence as it is caused by the shaking and the vibration of the anal hole, and sometimes when the buttocks is closed.

Although flatulence or farting is a normal bodily function, too much of it is not. Excessive flatulence, farting or releasing of gas in the air could be very uncomfortable, causing uneasiness and discomfort. This could have been gotten from flatulence diet that either has triggered it somehow. Excessive, or chronic flatulence is caused by many things and by many factors.


Excessive wind flatulence can be derived from many things. First, it could be derived eating and in taking certain types of food that could trigger too much unnecessary release of gases. Foods that cause an overproduction of different kinds of bacteria in the stomach, or foods that contain a high amount of fiber, can cause chronic flatulence. In addition, fructose intolerance and lactose intolerance are also one of the many causes of excessive farting or the breaking of wind. The following is the list of some foods that causes flatulence.

Other causes of excessive and frequent flatulence are increased air intake, gas production, and inflation of the intestine, fermentation and intestinal spasm. These all occur in the small and the large intestines of the human body.

Chronic Flatulence Symptoms

When one is experiencing chronic flatulence, there are many signs that show it. One of those is the awful feeling of bloating, or feeling like the stomach is a swelling balloon. This can cause a great discomfort, making it hard to do tasks and jobs properly. People with this symptoms will certainly not be able to concentrate and focus on whatever they are doing as it is very uncomfortable when one is experiencing the bloating feeling.

Another symptom of chronic flatulence is excessive or too much expulsion or releasing of the flatus, or the mixture of gases produced in our body. This is not really harmful to out body in anyway and there is nothing really to be worried about. The only thing though is that this symptom can cause great embarrassment especially when in social events, or when within the public, where there are a lot of people. This excessive release of wind can cause noises, which is very embarrassing. It can also cause a foul smell and odor. Because of this, flatulence is considered to be a great problem if it is experienced too many times. It can certainly affect the way people act and the way they work and live their lives. It can make them self-conscious whenever they are out in social situations and circumstances, which, of course, is unavoidable.

Another symptom of chronic flatulence is belching. Belching is commonly known as burping. This is the release of gas from the digestive tract, or the esophagus and the stomach part of our bodies, through the mouth. It is also quite embarrassing, just like farting in public places and in social gatherings and situations. It is also sometimes considered to be rude as it also makes noise and causes foul odor and a bad smell.

Other symptoms of extreme flatulence include:

  • existence of a high number of amounts of bacteria in the small and large intestines
  • Certain digestive disorders and malfunctions that affect the GI tract such as gastroenteritis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome and loose bowel syndrome
  • Irregular bowel movements or constipation
  • Relentless and constant bloating and also excessive flatulence that is there time after time over a period may be a sign and symptom of a serious and severe medical condition. An example is colorectal cancer. This may need tests and may need to consult a doctor in order to know more about the condition being experienced so that it will be treated as soon as possible.
  • This problem can also produce loose and light-colored stools and feces with gas as well.

How to Get Rid of Chronic Flatulence

There are many things that can prevent or help reduce chronic or constant release of gases or flatulence. There are many chronic flatulence treatments that can help with the problem. There are plenty of natural home remedies that can help reduce the high amounts of gases being released and can also reduce the pain and the discomfort. In the Internet, there are many tested home remedies that are natural and that can help such as

  • Ginger powder and a little amount of asafetida can help. Also a small pinch of rock salt can be mixed all together in order to be able to have relief from excessive gas releasing.
  • Brandy with warm water can also help with the discomfort and the uneasiness being felt.
  • Ginger slices and lime juice can relieve the pain.
  • A tiny drop of dill oil and a small amount of honey right after a meal can greatly help with the problem.
  • Try grinding and pulverizing a teaspoon of pepper, a teaspoon of ginger and another teaspoon of cardamom seeds. Then, mix them all together with a half teaspoon of water and then drink after an hour after eating a meal.
  • o Another great home remedy for chronic flatulence is chewing peppermint after a meal. This does not only refresh the breath of your mouth, it also soothes and relaxes the muscles in your digestive tract and in your intestines. The menthol in peppermint does this for your benefit. Also, it will greatly help and improve the problem you might be experiencing from flatulence, bloating or the swelling of the stomach, pain and discomfort from the abdomen.

With some of these helpful remedies that are natural and organic, it will certainly be able to help with your pain and discomfort when experiencing the symptoms of excessive flatulence. Also, all the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen table so it will be easy for you to get them and to be able to use them to relieve some of that pain, uneasiness and discomfort that has been bothering your probably for a while. But the best way in order to stop the pain is to avoid it in the first place. Watch your diet and the food that you take. Be careful of eating certain foods that might trigger and start the problem of chronic flatulence. Be sure to keep in mind the certain foods that can cause flatulence and as much as possible, avoid eating too much of these kinds of food. Only eat moderately so that there would not be much of problems and stomach pain later on which you will suffer if you do not carefully watch your diet. This is probably the easiest and the only way to prevent from experiencing the pains and the discomfort of chronic and constant flatulence, and also the other pain that go with it such as abdominal discomfort and pain, loose stool and constipation, irregular bowel movement, belching and farting which could be very embarrassing especially when out in the crowds and many others. With the right prevention, excessive flatulence will be avoided.

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