Excessive Farting

The Truth about Excessive Farting

Do you love eating? Do you eat a lot? Are you experiencing stomach pain? Does your stomach feels very heavy and filled? Are you releasing gas in an uncomfortable way? There are people that are prone to this problem. The problem is called flatulence. Whether a person eats too much or because of any other reason, flatulence can happen to different people. This is why it pays to know the truth about this. It pays to know information about excessive farting and indigestion. To start off, here are the definitions of flatulence. This will help you understand the situation of your body when you are experiencing this.

Here is how people define flatulence:

  • It is the emission of gas through the anus that can sometimes have a sound and mostly with a bad odor.
  • This is most commonly known as farting. The gas released is called flatus.
  • The gas or flatus is mainly composed of nitrogen, methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen.
  • The process of digestion where foods are being broken down to form energy produces gas. This gas can be eliminated by the body through flatus.
  • The gas that the anus excretes can be a sign of bowel movement.

Excessive farting can give a lot of hassle and discomfort to someone. It can also cause embarrassment for it gives off bad odor and can come in an uncommon sound.  If you do not want to be embarrassed and to feel discomfort, you could prevent dealing with excessive smelly farts. But first, you need to know all the necessary information about this. This will help you deal with farting and cure it if it comes to the point that it is really excessive. Knowing things will also help you know if you are already experiencing different diseases and illnesses that come with excessive gas and farts.

There is nothing wrong with farting alone. But when the farts that are getting off someone’s body are already excessive, it can be a sign of other digestive problems. It can also be a problem if the smell is really different. As you progress on this article, you will find useful information about farting. Use the information as your guide to knowing and preventing excessive fart situations.

The Causes of Flatus

What causes farts? Here are some things that lead people to suffer from bloating. The first thing that you need to know is the cause of farts. Knowing fart causes will help you diagnose yourself from different diseases that may result or that can cause by flatulence and bloating.  Read this as a guide so that you know how to avoid having indigestions and excessive gas.

  • The air you swallow- The air that your body takes in can be passed or emitted through different ways. In this case, too much air in your body can come out through farting. Swallowing too much air is the common cause of excessive farting. If you eat fast, smoke and chew too much gum, a big amount of air will go inside your body.
  • Overabundance of the bacteria that can be found on the colon- There are foods that cannot be easily absorbed. If not absorbed, they can get into the colon of one’s body. When the substances go through the colon, the bacteria found on the colon will break it down. On this process, gas is produced. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates are hard to absorb. Take food rich in carbohydrates in moderation.
  • Present digestive illness- There are health conditions that can cause flatulence just like IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, constipation and being lactose intolerant.

-IBS- This can also be called spastic colon. The symptoms of the disease are chronic abdominal pain, inflammatory, constipation or diarrhea and many others.

Constipation– This happens when a person is having a hard time with his bowel movements. The bowel movement can be hard or very infrequent.

-Lactose Intolerance- This is when the digestive system of your body is incapable of digesting or metabolizing lactose. This is because the system is lacking of one important enzyme which is the lactase. This is why people who are intolerant in lactose has a higher chance of experiencing bloating when he eats lactose products such as milk, cheese and others.

-Crohn’s Disease- This is a digestive disease where there is an inflammatory on the lining of the digestive tract. Symptoms of this disease are chronic pain, diarrhea, fever, being nauseous, weight loss and not having the appetite when eating.

These are some of the fart causes that you should take note of.

Symptoms of Flatulence

How would you know if you are suffering from flatulence? Here are the things that you should check and look out for:

  • Belching- If you find yourself belching or burping too much, then there is a high chance that you have excessive gas on your body.
  • Abdominal pain- Pain and discomfort in the abdomen is a very evident symptom of this. When you are having stomach ache and there is something uncomfortable on your abdominal part, then you might have the gas.
  • Bloating- This feeling is when your stomach feels so full that you need to release air, burp and belch.
  • Bad odor of flatus– if you emit a gas with a foul and unexplainable smell
  • Rumblings in the abdomen- Most people describe this as butterflies fluttering on stomach. If you feel like there is a random rumbling on your stomach, it can be a sign of too much gas

Remember these symptoms. If you are experiencing any of this, have yourself checked by the doctor or do different excessive fart remedies. By doing so, you can be sure that problems will not grow into something bigger.

Home Remedies and Ways to Prevent This

How to treat excessive farting? It is not really unusual to be in this kind of situation. This is common because any person may suffer from indigestion because of different lifestyles. People can suffer because of smoking. For those people who have limited time on eating, this can also happen to them. Here are some ways and home remedies on how to get rid of excessive farting. These are natural and home remedies that you can do anytime and anywhere.

  • Have a tea- there are different ways and teas that could help you get rid of your gas problem. You could try to take on peppermint tea. This is great because this can also cure stomach inflammation. Another tea is chamomile, this is said to be not directly for curing flatulence but this is a big help when it comes to aiding your stomach discomfort. There are many kinds of teas that you could take. If you want, you could just try to take hot water.
  • Take herbs- there are herbs that you could take to help get rid of this problem and ease your stomach pain. Some of those are fennel, caraways seeds and many others. With these, all you need is to chew and swallow and these will help your stomach.
  • Limit your artificial sweetener intake- Based on studies, artificial sweeteners are often the cause of indigestions. This is because it takes time to digest this substance. This is why it would be better to stay away from artificial sweeteners and other products.
  • Breathe moderately and slowly- There are times when people swallow large amount of airs that goes into the stomach and this causes bloating. You should moderate your way of breathing. Eat and breath slowly so that the air that you intake will go to your lungs and not in your stomach.
  • Watch your diet and food intake- Record and take note of the times you are suffering from gas pains. Remember what you eat that time and keep a track on it. Observe. This is because there are times that bloating is due to certain food and ingredients that people take. Watch your diet and keep away from foods that can cause that stomach problem. Here are some of the gas-producing food and products that can produce too much air in your body:

–         Fruits like apple, banana, prunes and others

–         Vegetables like asparagus, potatoes, cauliflower, artichokes and others

–         Eggs

–         Wheat

–         Artificial sweeteners

–         Dairy products

–         Carbonated drinks like sodas and wines

–         Packaged products

It is safe to watch your diet and limit yourself from taking the mentioned products and food above.

  • Maintain proper posture when eating- Do now slouch or recline when eating. Be sure to keep the way and flow of food on your body smooth. Sit straight up. Eating on a right position will let food and digestion flow smoothly. This way, air will get out of your system smoothly.
  • Eat small amount of food- Instead of taking large meals at a time, take small amount of food in separate times.
  • Start getting fitter- You could do this through exercise and physical activities
  • Chew food properly- Before swallowing food, make sure to chew it in smaller pieces. This way, digesting the food would be easier for your body.

These are some of the excessive smelly farts cure that you could do to keep yourself away from digestive and stomach problems.

Summary: Things that You Should Do and Remember when Dealing with Excessive Farts and Gas

Knowing these things will let you be aware of flatulence. This state of the stomach and gas in the body can cause a lot of hassle and can cause more complications. Knowing what causes farts, its symptoms, how to get rid of it and other important things about it will help you. If you are experiencing excessive farting, be sure to take necessary precautions and the remedies. There are lots of excessive fart remedies out there. Some are mentioned above to help you take care of it.

Excessive Farting can only be a symptom of more complicated illnesses and diseases such as appendicitis, gallstones, ulcer and others. If you are always experiencing bloating and too much farting, it would be better to consult a doctor. Also, there are natural remedies that you could buy and take to prevent and cure this digestive problem. Just be sure to get it from someone who can be trusted.

By keeping in mind these things, you are keeping your body, especially your digestive system, safe and protected. Take time to study this disease and situation of the digestive system for any person can suffer from this.

To summarize everything, here are the things that you should remember:

  • Flatus is the gas that is being emitted by the body through the anus. This can come with a bad smell and sound. Too much farting can also be a sign of digestive problem and more complicated diseases.
  • This is caused by air inside the body, different components of food or present digestive and stomach illnesses.
  • Belching, stomach pain and bad odor of the gas are some of the symptoms everyone should look out for.
  • To ease the pain and to let go of gas, you could take teas and different herbs. There are also natural medicines being sold to get rid of this.
  • To prevent this from happening, you should watch your diet and take food rich with carbohydrates moderately for it can bring too much gas on one’s body. Also, it is safe to eat slowly and chew food properly.
  • Flatulence can be a sign of other complications on the body such as appendicitis and other digestive problems. This is why if you are having chronic excessive farting, it is always safe to consult a specialist.

Information is the best cure to this and any other disease that you will experience. With the right amount of information, you can prevent things from happening and you can stop it from growing into a much bigger problem. Take care of your body by knowing these things and by observing it. All things mentioned on this article are truth about farts and excessive gas that everyone should know. Keep in mind and take note of everything. This way, you could enjoy eating the foods that you love without suffering from this.

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