Flatulence and remedies from the kitchen

The term ‘flatulence’ comes from the word ‘flatus’ meaning gas from the stomach. In medical terms it refers to the occurrence of excess gas in the intestines and digestive tract. Your warning signs for excess flatulence will be fairly clear and unmistakable, with the main ones being bloating and a heavy feeling, accompanied by loud and smelly passing of wind.

Although it is a normal process in most people, it may be troublesome if it is excessive. Fortunately you can take some steps to reduce flatulence – in fact there are some items in your kitchen which can play a major part in reducing excess flatulence.

Lemon juice mixed with water and ½ teaspoon baking soda can reduce flatulence and give relief from bloating and painful stomach cramps. Vegetables like sweet peppers which are rich in Vitamin C help in reducing the excess amount of gas in the digestive tract. However, a Vitamin C tablet may actually make the problem worse and should therefore be avoided.

Pumpkin is also a useful vegetable if you are keen to cure flatulence. It can be used steamed, baked, in a soup or as a side dish. This simple vegetable is highly rated by dietitians as a preventative for flatulence.

Another food that works to reduce flatulence is yoghurt. Although it is a dairy product, it contains acidophilus that encourages the growth of “friendly bacteria”. Therefore, food does not stay in the intestines long enough to produce excess gas.

Your spice rack is another useful place which can operate as a medicine cabinet for excess flatulence. Herbs like peppermint, basil, rosemary, fennel, caraway and anise are all helpful in providing relief from flatulence. Spices like dill, turmeric, coriander, cardamom and cloves are also useful in treating excess flatulence by normalizing the digestive process.

Therefore, it is not necessary that you should rush to the doctor for every attack of flatulence. You can use your kitchen as a secondary pharmacy and be your own doctor. If you can take care of the minor cases of flatulence then you can avoid it becoming more severe; that said, if it does become severe you should then visit a doctor.

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