Flatulence Problems – Dealing With The Discomfort

Too much flatulence problems are not a good thing for a person’s health. For one thing, if it affects someone it can be very much embarrassing as well. If you want to learn more about this problem and how to solve it, then please continue to scroll down below.

It is quite often for anybody to experience a kind of discomfort after finishing a meal because of the formation of gases inside the bowels. This results to a feeling of fullness that is accompanied by the expulsion of air from the anus. The formation of this substance is the result of the symbiotic activity of both yeast and bacteria inside the gastrointestinal tract. Flatus, as the causes of gas problems is more formally known, is expulsed with a sound and with a noxious odor. That is the science of what more common talk refers to as farting. It may seem such a shallow thing to be concerned about, but read more and you might just see that there is more to it than meets the eye—or nose and ears for that matter.

Suffering from flatulence is a condition that can be a serious problem for so many people in a number of ways. There have been known individuals who suffered so much embarrassment from excessive flatulence that they choose to keep themselves withdrawn from other people. That is just the social aspect, the tip of the iceberg, of what excessive flatulence can do to one. Its effect on the health, if not bad on the same level, can be very much worse. Luckily this condition is not a dead end. There are a lot of ways by which individuals can be free of the constraints of excessive gas, and surprisingly all most of them are easy to do. In addition, a big advantage is that a person can definitely recover from this in a short span of time. The biggest challenge that most persons have to face is the aspect of dedication to change, as addressing this problem needs a good follow through.

Embarrassment: The Stigma of the Condition

At a glance, this kind of problem may be trivial to a lot of people. However, for sufferers, it is definitely something that needs to be solved promptly, quickly, and sensitively for it affects so much aspects of a person’s life. This may be so because situations regarding gas are commonly made a gag. As mentioned earlier, this condition causes social isolation. For this reason alone, many have been so ashamed that they do not go to other people—not even those they are close to let alone physicians. There are many cures that can be purchased in pharmacies or supermarkets but even the thought of doing so (requesting for the medications and paying for them) can be quite a deterrent already for many. This is the reason why most find it a better alternative to tackle the condition in its root cause rather than deal with it head to head. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

Flatulence Symptom

Aside from the potential shame that this presents, the feelings of discomfort can be even worse. Most often the symptoms of this dilemma is the expulsion of flatus with a foul odor, moderate to severe bloating flatulence problems, and stomach wind pain that may be sometimes even be debilitating. There are a lot more flatulence symptoms for different kinds of people out there.

Dietary Contributions to this Difficulty

A major cause that brings about this difficulty in people is found in the diet. Ideally, it would be a good thing if people could get away with this condition even without making the slightest change in the diet. Do you not wish that everybody could just what they wanted to eat, any time and any place? But sadly that kind of habit is something that is excessive and unhealthy. First and foremost, gluttonous eating will be a risk factor for obesity and its complications. More complications can arise from this like diseases in one’s cardiovascular system. Coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are just some of them on the list. All of them have one thing in common: they are brought about by poor lifestyle and dietary choices. It is not just about the amount of food primarily, it is also about the content. Many are just going non-stop with very unhealthful choices, like high-fat, high-cholesterol, and low-fiber foods. However all of these can all be controlled by doing one thing: control. This is your number one anti flatulence.

When a person eats too much food, he gives a lot of input to his digestive system. Subsequently, the system cannot keep up with the sheer volume of food in the diet. If the clearance in the gut is not fast and done promptly enough, there is a chance that there will be blockage and accumulation inside. When too much work is given to the digestive system without the necessary clearance of food, the different things that people eat will most likely react with each other. That reaction produces what we know as gas. As such, the amount of excesses that a particular individual eats is directly proportional to the amount and extent of bad gas problems.

Other Factors Associated with Excessive Flatulence

Eating too much food is not the only reason why people develop bowel gas problems. After a meal, the natural tendency of the body is to slow down and feel sluggish. That is because metabolism is focused on digestion and not other physical activities of the body. As the stomach, intestines, and other organs concentrate on breaking down the meal, the whole body will struggle just to become active. That is in addition to the undesirable products of digestion as increased content in the bowels make people inactive. Of course it is additional pain when a feeling of pain because of indigestion appears.

We also see here how the things we eat affect the levels of daily activity. Of course it is basic that food will give humans energy however too much food will not give more. Everybody should make it a point to consume just the right amount at just the right time. Even following this simple rule is effective enough to fight the feeling of languor that is brought about by too much stuff in the stomach.

Energy is also needed to extract the nutritional content of food. When too much focus is put on eating, other processes in the body that need the help of enzymes are compromised. That is the reason it is important for every individual to eat at appropriately. If everyone continues to go along this kind of lifestyle, then they can enjoy a small feast every once in a while.

There are also a lot more that contribute to the formation of flatus. In a nutshell they are: problems of digestion within the gastrointestinal tract, irregular movement of the bowel, excessive intake of very fibrous food, and on the opposite corner, the consumption of too much non-vegetable food.

Quick and Effective Tools for Reducing the Problem

If all other things seem to fail or if dietary modification does not seem to help much, there are also a few quick solutions to combat this condition when it becomes too much to handle. More serious medical interventions like drugs and operations are usually unnecessary unless the patient has a very bad history with digestive acidity, heart burn, and reflux issues.

1. Apart from eating moderately and at the proper time, it is good if one practices eating in regular intervals. It is thus bad to starve. This may further aggravate the problem instead of alleviating it. During meals, it is also wise to chew food thoroughly before it is swallowed.

2. Very rich and spicy items are quite notorious for causing indigestion and making the problem worse. As mentioned earlier, be sure to have the right and recommended amount of fiber intake as too much consumption can also trigger indigestion.

3. Buttermilk or curd when taken together with the serving can reduce the formation of gases. Yoghurt and live microorganisms in some beverages can also put some worries aside. The additional bacteria will be able to activate smoother passage of food.

4. Milk can be a trigger for some, especially if they are lactose-intolerant, so it is best if this is avoided.

5. Chewing a few pieces of ginger is reportedly effective in getting through the harsh experience.

6. Tea made from natural herbs, for example peppermint and chamomile, after eating can also be a very effective factor that reduces discomfort.

7. Some ingredients lying around at home can be used too. Lemon juice and water can be added together with half a teaspoon of baking soda to get fast and effective relief. Boiling bay leaves for five minutes just like herbal tea is also very helpful.

8. It is also nice if people stay active after eating. A good walk from at least 15 to 20 minutes can help improve bowel flow. It is not recommended to go to bed immediately after getting something to eat as it also slows down the gastric emptying rate.

Don’t let severe flatulence problems pull you down!

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