Home remedies for flatulence

Excess flatulence and other problems connected to digestive gas may require medical attention. At other times, flatulence can be treated by simple remedies available at home – especially in your kitchen. The kitchen is the home for most of the effective home remedies for excess flatulence.

Old family remedies usually work very well. Your granny and her family did not have many doctors to treat them. Your granny therefore followed her granny’s advice and used home remedies to solve most of her and her family’s medical problems. Flatulence was no exception – and these remedies had to be effective to survive. Below are some examples of traditional flatulence remedies

1. Take the juice of a clove of garlic and mix with ginger in lukewarm water. If we drink this when suffering flatulence we can get well in a matter of minutes. If a person is suffering with chronic flatulence, a clove of garlic with a little water first thing in the morning daily will solve your problem.

2. Another thing that most people will have at home is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. If you mix some of it in a cupful of water and squeeze lemon in it, and drink it when you have some troublesome flatulence, you will feel the benefit.

3. Constipation causes flatulence. This is because undigested food or waste food is left for a longer time in the large intestine and bacteria act on it to create flatus. In this case, tamarind squeezed in water and boiled with sugar can help.

4. Turmeric and salt taken in lukewarm water is also an effective remedy for flatulence. Raw turmeric green with a dash of lemon juice and salt and pepper when taken with meals can reduce flatulence. A spoonful of seeds of Bishop’s weed with a spoonful of lemon juice sucked at the time of flatulence can also provide relief.

5. Castor oil added to warm milk and taken at night will provide relief from even acute constipation and so help in the treatment of flatulence.

These and several other home remedies can help in the treatment and prevention of excessive flatulence.

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