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What are the Effective Home Remedy for Gas?

Fart is also called flatulence or gas is a mixture of several gases namely nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane. They come from the substances in your body including air, food and drinks. Although releasing gas is a natural process of the body, a lot of people would not dare fart when there are other people. Farting is something that everyone probably wants to avoid especially when in public places. Releasing a loud or smelly fart is worse and may be humiliating. This is why most people seek for solutions to inevitable loud and smelly fart. If the smell is your problem, there are many natural remedies and cure for fart. Flatulence may be a result of too much intake of air. Sometimes, it also results from lack of intake of air. Other times, it is due to a high level of gases in the intestines brought by gas-emitting foods and beverages. To cure fart, you need to be careful in what you eat and drink. However, there are also cures such as food supplements and home remedy for gas that you could try.

Before you could find the best cure of fart, which is also known as flatus or flatulence, you should somehow identify its causes. By understanding what makes up fart and where it comes from, you could surely identify the best natural fart cure that is available.

  • First, you could evaluate the gases that make up a fart, flatus or flatulence. You would discover that hydrogen sulfide, which has sulfur, is the one that makes it smelly or stinky. To get rid of foul smelling gas, you also need to get rid of sulfur. This does not mean that you will avoid sulfuric substances. You just need to lessen your exposure to sulfur.
  • Second is irregular bowel movement. When your bowel movement is regular, you would normally not suffer from smelly flatulence – both burping and farting. Make sure that you have one or two bowel movements per day. Medical experts say that it is normal to have a feel of going to the comfort room after every meal. If a person does not seem to feel of having a bowel movement minutes or hours after a meal, it may result to foods being stuck in the large intestine. This may add up on engaging into frequent and smelly farting. One solution to have a regular bowel movement is to have lots of water in your system. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water. You could also opt to take supplements that would help improve and regularize bowel movement.
  • Third, excessive or lack of air in your system could also cause flatus. Excessive air usually results to odorless farts. This may not be problematic. One scenario where you will fart due to excessive intake of air is by chewing a gum. The process of chewing the gum even with your mouth shut can cause air buildup in your mouth and in your stomach. They are usually odorless because the gum and the air build up do not have hydrogen sulfide, the cause of the stinky smell of farts.

Now that you know what causes flatulence, you can now read on some remedies or cure. Some of them may require extra time and effort while others can be part of your daily routine.

Decrease Intake of Fart-Triggering Foods

Beans and cabbage are some of the most popular vegetables. In fact, beans are suggested to be part of daily diet because they are good for the health. Foods with cheese are undoubtedly delicious. Eggs are one of the most common ingredients of many people’s favorite breakfast and snack. However, these foods could trigger the release of gas. In fact, they can make you fart more frequently than usual. You do not need to avoid these foods because they really are good for the health. You just need to lessen the intake of these foods to avoid frequent farting. Oily and fatty foods could really be hard to digest. This may cause the build up of gases in the intestines. Dairy foods like eggs are also fart-triggering foods. Milks are also dairies so you may think twice on the amount that you will drink. Plus, there are just some people whose stomachs are not so strong to deal with milk. Sometimes, they do not just fart. They rush to the comfort room.

Your Stomach Needs Probiotics

The probiotics are healthy bacteria. While they could provide the necessary nutrients in the body, they could also fight and get rid of unhealthy or bad bacteria in your stomach and intestines. With probiotics in your stomach as well as in your intestines, you are guaranteed of having good digestion and you could lessen the occurrence of a bad stomach after you have eaten a lot and different kinds of foods. The probiotics could also help in solving irregular bowel movements because they simply help in the processing for foods.

The Nicest Beverages can Make You Fart

Soda is one of the most common carbonated beverages. Aside from they are not that good for the health, they are rich in gases so you should avoid it as much as possible.

A bottle of beer may be great after work or during a night out but they could also increase the gases in your body especially in your intestines. This would surely add up in the build up of gases that may result to flatulence problems.

Traditional Mixtures and Fart Solutions

In China, ginger is one of the most popular plants. It is great and very useful in food preparation. It also has great medicinal power. Most importantly, it is great for curing flatulence. It is one of the best home remedies for gas that you could try. It is being used in china to relieve gas problems including farting and burping. While at home, prepare a hot or warm glass of water and mix in some ginger powder. This is easy to do since you could just look for some ginger powder in the kitchen. Drink a glass of the solution and you would surely experience a relief in your abdominal area.

You could also take some fruits that are rich in fiber and mix it with yogurt. The yogurt has lots of bacteria that also help in regulating digestion. It could be a yummy and an efficient flatus remedy. The fibers in fruits are effective in regulating the digestion so the air will not be trapped in your stomach or intestines. Plus, fruits have been reported as effective in neutralizing or removing bad odor in many kinds of body secretions including sweat. There is no wonder that it could also help in removing the stinky smell in your fart. However, it is advisable to eat fruits especially those that are low in protein before a meal or at least two hours after a meal. It takes at least an hour to digest foods that are low in protein. The logic here is that if you eat fruits right after a meal, the digestive system will be busy digesting the main meal while fruit dessert waits in line. After the main meal is digested the fruits are most likely rotten already. This may result in two things: a smelly flatulence since the rotten fruits may build up gas and toxins or a stinky bowel.

Aside from a ginger solution, you could also make a saline solution. Saline solution is simply a mixture of water and salt. Again, it is much better if the water is warm. Put some salt but be careful not to make it too salty that you could not drink it. This is one of the traditional solutions for stomach gas remedies as well as in diarrhea and irregular bowel movement.

Processed vs. Unprocessed (Natural Foods and Drinks)

Going for natural foods and drinks are always better since processed foods may usually have carbon dioxide (one of the gases that make up a fart) and other gases. Instead of processed orange juice, why not squeeze some oranges and gather the juice? And instead of eating canned pineapples, you could simply buy a whole pineapple in the supermarket or grocery. You can rest assured that there are no chemicals with the pineapples that you will eat. Plus, the body can have an easier time digesting unprocessed foods and beverages.

Massage as Fart Remedy

Did you know that a massage may help you in solving flatus problems? Some of your best massage options in your efforts to cure farting problems are acupressure and shiatsu massage. With these types of massage, the body points where flatulence can be prevented are touched and added pressure on. A massage is not only for tired people but also for people who farts more than the average especially those who fart with a really bad odor. The massage should be strong in a way that the body’s pressure points will be pressed but will not ache.

Cure for Farting Pets

Although a lot of people want to get rid of bad smelling gas, there are also people who want to find flatulence remedies for their pets. If your pet keeps on farting and burping, you may want to look for natural supplements with the following:

  • Pimpella anisum – It is great for curing digestive disorders and cramps, two of the major causes of farting and burping flatulence it is also good for improving digestion so that your pet will get all the nutrients from its food.
  • Foreniculum vulgare – This may help in relieving digestive problems. It could also prevent gas emissions.
  • Magnesium Phosphate – It is a homeopathic compound that could solve improper bowel movements. If you want to lessen flatulence, you need to cure bowel problems. This also applies to flatulence problems in humans.
  • Nux Vomica – This one is great for curing not only flatulence but also constipation and diarrhea.

Burping Flatulence

If it does not come out as fart, the gas build up in your system that normally comes from the stomach will most likely come out through your mouth. They are not as stinky as farts but burping flatulence also has a smell. In fact, burps and farts have different compositions. The burp is more on atmospheric gas while a fart has more chemical compositions. That distinguishes the difference in the smell. Plus, the burp comes from the stomach while fart may come from a bloated stomach or intestines.

Normally, it smells like the food or beverage that you have taken in. take soda or beer for example. When you drink soda or beer, you will most likely burp. It is very relieving since you can get rid of the gas in your stomach but it is really disgusting so we want to hold it especially when we are in public places or in gatherings.

Why you should be happy when you fart?

Farting as people know it is releasing air or gas from the stomach and colon or intestines. A lot of people are troubled by farting. However, farting is really good. When people eat foods, the body’s digestive system tries its best to process them. However, there may be some problems with the substances that are present in the foods or with the body’s digestive system resulting to some foods which are not completely digested. They usually stay in the large intestine. They may rot when the person did not release them in solid form as feces or poop. This is one of the reasons why people fart. It is a body’s way of releasing the rotten foods in the form of gas. The point is farting is healthy because it is a way of cleansing your body. On the other hand, it is really humiliating to fart especially if it is loud or it has a stinky smell so people are urged to look for a smelly flatus remedy.

If you are having trouble regarding the smell of your fart, you can try the above mentioned natural solutions and home remedies. They are much cheaper than buying pills or any kind of commercial medication that are available in drug stores. Plus, they are made from natural ingredients so you do not need to worry about experiencing side effects.

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