How to Handle Excess Flatulence

When gases are emitted from the mouth or rectum and it creates a sound during the release, this is called flatulence. Burping or belching is the release through the mouth while farting is the popular name for the release of flatus through the rectum. This usually happens when a person has a bloated stomach and other intestinal problems. The thing is that farting or loud belching can also be a cause of social embarrassment. You will surely be noticed but not really for a good reason. Releasing gas that is gathered in your gastrointestinal tracts is a normal thing to do. However, it may already be excessive if you do it more than twenty times.

How Gas is Produced

The yeasts and other symbiotic bacteria that are in the gastrointestinal tract naturally produce gases, or flatus. This is released when there is too much pressure applied on the digestive system.  Flatus is normally produced by the bacteria that are doing the digestion process in the large intestines though. Too much eating and eating the wrong foods though can give you an upset tummy and excess flatulence.

Causes of Gas Flatulence

There are many factors that are pointed as the causes of excessive production of gases in your digestive system. The following things are observed to have been the cause of extra eructation:

  • Eating a lot of fibrous foods
  • Eating a lot of spicy foods
  • Eating a lot of acidic foods
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Presence of more digestive bacteria in the intestines
  • Digestive problems particularly affecting the gastrointestinal tract
  • Eating foods that are rich in malt extracts
  • Eating fatty foods
  • Constipation
  • Swallowed air
  • Unsanitary food
  • Contaminated water
  • Indigestion
  • Failure to absorb fats properly
  • Breakdown of amino acids and sulfur-rich proteins in the intestines
  • Medication
  • Dark beer and wine and other alcoholic drinks
  • Smoking
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Starchy or carbohydrate-rich foods, such as corn, potato, and more
  • Going to bed or lying down right after eating

There are also certain conditions that result to excess flatulence ache, such as pregnancy, obesity, constipation and hiatal hernia. Other digestive problems such as anemia, cancer of the esophagus, inflammation of esophagus and ulceration are other causes of releasing too much gas in a day. These conditions should be checked by a doctor as well because they already pose health risks that are too dangerous to just take for granted.

Symptoms of Flatulence

The following signs can tell you if you are already suffering from burning flatulence or something like it:

  • Belching
  • Foul odor
  • Bloating, pain and discomfort in the stomach
  • Abdominal pain
  • Too much wind expulsion
  • Regurgitation
  • Heartburn
  • Dental erosion
  • Asthma
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion or dyspepsia
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Coughing
  • Hoarseness of the throat

When you detect these symptoms, you may want to act immediately to relieve flatulence. It is quite uncomfortable to keep doing your routine when you feel like your tummy is about to explode. The danger here is that you may be able to control your farting or burping if you can still command your muscles to do so. However, there would come a time when it would be too hard to stop your burp or fart from coming out of you. This excess gas flatulence is never meant to be kept in for a long period of time.

Pointers to Help Relieve Flatulence

If you do not want to be placed in a tough and embarrassing situation with an expulsion of wind from you, keep your control over everything. Overindulging in the wrong foods is always a big no if you do not want to accidentally fart in public. You may eat the foods that you want but make sure that you are already gas-free when you go out public. Breaking wind can be done in the privacy of your own room.

For your protection, you can take advantage of the following pointers as excess flatulence remedies:

  • Keep a food diary to observe which foods trigger the production of more gases in your body. This way, you can be pickier with the kinds of food that you put into your stomach which might immediately disagree to some of them.
  • Take out the gassy foods and drinks from your diet, such as the known gas-inducing items like spicy foods, fatty foods, milk, tomatoes, coffee, peppermint, oranges, alcohol and chocolate.
  • Keep a good posture while eating in order to let air in and out of your system. Eat slowly while you take your meal.
  • Try to workout first especially when you are about to go overweight or have such a condition.
  • Eat your meals at least two to three hours before you go to bed or lie down. If you sleep on a full stomach, it may cost you indigestion and eventually, excess flatulence ache in the morning. You may also expect your night or morning to be noisy with your burping or belching.
  • Eat smaller meals even if this means eating five times throughout the day. You will likely have more problems with indigestion if you eat three big meals. Even if you are hungry, moderation in eating has to be maintained. Indigestion does not surprisingly come with excessive amount of air in your stomach that you need to release as flatus.
  • Wear comfortable or loose fitting shirts or dresses to avoid squeezing your stomach.
  • Reduce or remove your smoking habit, if possible, because it will weaken a part of your esophagus. If this happens, it will be easier for you to keep belching.
  • When you sleep, put your head at an elevated position by putting bedwedges under the bed.
  • Exercise, meditate, do yoga or practice deep breathing routines to help tone down your stress levels.

Excess Flatulence Remedies at Home

Sustaining a gassy condition and treating it does not have to be that expensive. Even if there are some more serious medical problems that caused excess flatulence, there are other conditions that can be solved by home remedies. These kinds of treatment are not that expensive and hard to find as well. They can be bought from the supermarket or they can be simply seen in your kitchen as part of your monthly food consumption. Your potential social problem would soon be over as soon as you get the following excess flatulence cures right:

  • Eat an orange every morning detoxify your intestines from the previous gas formation. This is best eaten with black salt for instant relief.
  • Eat carom seeds with black salt and hot water for instant relief of your gassiness.
  • Eat radish along with black pepper and salt to overcome your discomfort from bloating and other pains. To assist the intestines in digesting radish, eat some radish leaves or jaggery for faster digestion.
  • Eat jaggery to help relieve flatulence.
  • Take fenugreek seed or sprouted seeds of this herb with salted buttermilk.
  • Eat guava and salt every morning.
  • Drink mint to relieve your abdomen of excess and unwanted air.
  • Combine salt and turmeric every morning.
  • Chew on a piece of ginger before eating for better digestion and reduction of flatus formation inside your system.
  • Drink the juice of bitter gourd to solve your condition.
  • Add fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds garlic, carom seeds, and ginger to your cooking.
  • Drink water with boiled five to six cloves in it. Let the water cool down first before drinking.
  • Roast cumin powder and take it with honey after every meal.
  • Put asafetida paste on your navel for relief from gassiness.
  • Take lemon juice combined with black pepper powder in hot water.
  • Drink carrot juice or cabbage juice.
  • Boil black pepper, ginger piece, black pepper powder or cumin seeds in milk and drink it.
  • Put garlic in your cooking to help reduce formation of excess air in your intestinal tract.
  • Sit with the proper upright posture for five minutes straight after eating to give you instant relief from flatulence.
  • Drink herbal teas to help improve your digestion. These can help clean up your digestive tract as well. Some of the popular teas that you can drink are spearmint tea, peppermint tea, caraway tea, anise tea, and more.
  • Chew one peppermint leaves to help soothe your digestive muscles. This can help reduce stomach bloating and other pains that you feel on your abdomen.
  • Prepare ginger powder and put a pinch of rock salt and asafoetida into it. Pour the mixture into warm water in a cup. Drink this concoction regularly to help relieve excess flatulence.

These are some of the proven effective excess flatulence remedies that you can use for your relief. It is quite easy to prepare the drinks necessary for soothing your stomach and facilitating digestion. The other herbs can simply be mixed into some of the foods that you are going to prepare.

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