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How To Treat Flatulence With Beano

It is well known that flatulence is the passing of gas created in the digestive process, and therefore it is intrinsically linked with what we eat. Perhaps most famously, the eating of beans is connected with the occurrence of flatulence – it even has a schoolyard rhyme dedicated to it – but there are other foods which are known for increasing the incidence of flatulence too. For some people, these foods which they once enjoyed become connected with flatulence, making it difficult or impossible to truly enjoy them in the way they once did.

As well as beans, foods such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower (also known as cruciferous vegetables), nuts and grains and a variety of others can cause gas, because they are difficult to break down. Most commonly this problem will arise because the small intestine, where primary digestion takes place, is home to a lesser number of the correct type of enzyme to break the food down. When the food passes undigested or partially digested into the large intestine, it is broken down by bacteria and this is what causes gas. Sometimes you can feel this happening.

When you feel bloated after a meal, this is often because your digestive system is being overworked either by having too much food to digest or by not having the tools – in the form of enzymes – to digest what has been eaten. The longer it takes to break down food, the more gas is caused and the more likely you are to have flatulence. This may be the case, as seen above, even when you are eating food that is traditionally considered healthy. It may also be the case when you have a diet heavy in red meat, which is one of the hardest foods to break down.

When this is the case, you have a decision to make with regard to your diet. You could make a change in your diet and prepare to eat only foods which are easily broken down in your system. A lot of people take up a specialist diet so as to get rid of the problems of flatulence. However, this is not the only way to reduce flatulence and, if it results in you cutting out a food you have come to enjoy, it is an infringement on the way you live. Sure, if it is unavoidable then you’ll go with it, but if you could eat those foods without the unpleasant consequences, you would.

6 Video Series Guide On Beano For Flatulence / Stomach Gas Problems:

Beano is a treatment that is designed to allow people to maintain their preferred diet – providing it is generally healthy – without having the consequences of flatulence as a punishment for doing so. It works because it contains a natural enzyme known as alpha galactosidase which breaks down the complex sugars found in the cruciferous vegetables, beans and pulses listed above. Instead of these foods and their complex sugars passing into the large intestine and causing gas, they are broken down into simple sugars and more easily digested.

Beano is, in effect, a helping hand for your digestive system when it comes to breaking down the foods which would otherwise present you with digestive problems. For people who do not naturally produce enough of the right enzymes to break down these foods, it is a handy replacement which takes the weight off your large intestine, meaning that less of your diet needs to be broken down by bacteria and that there is less gas produced. Fewer unpleasant smells, none of the embarrassing noises and none of the crippling social dread that results from a gas problem.

You don’t necessarily need to make any real change to your lifestyle, although an excess of gas causing foods is never a good idea. With Beano, it is a simple matter of taking the tablets with food – you can crush them into a fine powder and add them to the food you are eating or swallow them with water. There is also the option of a meltaway lozenge that dissolves on your tongue and gets to work fast in your digestive system. When the enzyme gets to work in your small intestine, it will break down the problem food.

This does not mean that just by taking Beano you can eat whatever you want and expect it to produce no problems in your digestive system. Just as diet sodas and milkshakes do not give a person free rein to stuff their face with fast food there is no treatment to ensure the digestion of problem foods without gas time after time. You need to work with the treatment rather than relying on it to put everything right. If you do so, and work to adopt a healthier lifestyle, then you make sure that you will put a firm stop to your problems related to flatulence.

Not all flatulence is caused by problem foods, so it is certainly wise to keep a food diary in which you record what you eat at each meal and how it affects flatulence, so that you can keep an eye on any connection between the food you have eaten and the incidence of gas. If there seems to be no connection, the cause of flatulence may be something deeper which needs to be discussed with a doctor. In addition, you should speak to a doctor before starting to take Beano so as to ensure it does not cause problems related to intolerance.

With all of that said, it should be remembered that beano has been shown in testing to have a positive effect for sufferers of flatulence. Used correctly, it will reduce digestive discomfort and bloating, and provide the relief that so many sufferers have been dreaming of for years. With your effort and commitment to making it work, this is a treatment that will give you a much more confident outlook on life by taking away a problem that so many build up into their own secret shame.

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