Poor Bowel Function and Flatulence

Natural flatulence is a process that occurs in us all, every day. It is when it becomes excessive that it is a cause for concern. This can occur for various reasons including diet, illness and poor bowel function.

Poor bowel function means the body is not passing its waste in the correct way. In this case, undigested food is not fully passed out. The food which remains is broken down by bacteria, and this breakdown produces hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane along with sulphur compounds that causes audible and smelly flatulence.

Poor bowel function can also be a result of insufficient fiber in your diet. Fiber is present in fruits or in vegetables taken raw as salad as well as in wholegrain bread and breakfast cereals. These contain insoluble fiber that helps in the passing out of undigested food and thus reduces flatulence.

Some parasites present in our intestines also tend to disturb the bowel habits. If this is the case you may suffer from constipation or diarrhea which will also be accompanied by flatulence.

Inflammatory bowel diseases may also play a part in bowel malfunction. Conditions such as hemorrhoids (Piles) may also be responsible for constipation which in turn causes flatulence.

In some cases, constipation may be caused by colon cancer. This is rare, and particularly uncommon among the under-60s, but it is still worth seeing a doctor. Some ulcers, too, that block the intestines do not allow the undigested food to get out of the intestines through the rectum. This will cause flatulence.

The condition of thyroid malfunction is now common. This will affect the functioning of various organs, including the digestive organs. When digestion is not completed and the intestines are blocked by undigested food, the bowels may not function properly.

Use of drugs may also affect the way your bowels function. But before taking any medication you should consult the doctor as to its potential side effects, so that you can prevent flatulence.

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