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Good Options for Natural Smelly Farts Cure

Fart or flatulence may be caused by one of the following: excessive intake of air, higher production of gas in the intestines, and decreased intake of air. Some may wonder why some farts do not have a bad smell while others really stink. This distinction of farts may be due to the gases that make them up. Although a loud fart is disturbing, more people have been looking for cures for smelly fart. One of the reasons is that a foul smelling fart is really humiliating when not prevented in a public place. Like many other boy problems, there are several tried and tested solutions for excessive, loud and, most of all, stinky gas.

While there are some medicines that could solve the problem regarding smelly fart, there are also natural remedies which are also effective but will not cost a lot. You would surely love them. They are effective, safe and not costly. All you need is discipline. If you are looking for some home or natural smelly farts cure for people of all ages and condition, below are some good options. You could now say goodbye to smelly fart and not be worried every time you will go to a public place with these solutions.

The Gaseous Substances in the Gas

The gas or the fart is usually made up of a mixture of gases usually nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and methane. When the flatus is made up largely by nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, it is usually odorless. However, this may be sound a bit loud because of the gas’ volume that will trigger a vibration in the opening of the anus.

When gas is mainly due to bacterial fermentation or incomplete digestion, it would be usually warm and will carry the smell of the incompletely digested food that is usually rotten in the large intestine. This kind of gas or fart may not produce sound because the volume of gas is too small to cause a vibration but will surely produce a smell. The smell varies according to the food you have eaten. This is what you would hate to release when you are with many people. In fact, you would not even want to sniff it even if it comes out from you so a gentleman or a descent lady would not want others to smell it too.

You can hold either of the two types of gas back. It will just go back up the large intestine and will wait for some time to come out again. There are different thoughts about holding back a flatus. Some say it may be dangerous for the health while others say it will not have an adverse effect to the body. Nevertheless, a lot of people want to know some remedies for farts. If the latter is your problem, there are many dietary and natural home remedies you could do.

Watch What You Eat to Get Rid of Flatus

It has been reported that some spices affect the production of intestinal gas, which is included in the main causes of fart. Having less aniseed, ajowan, cardamom, caraway, coriander, cumin, epazote and other spices is a good stinky farts cure. If you really want spicy foods, you can use turmeric, black pepper, ginger and asafetida. They slightly reduce the production of gases. As a matter of fact, Chinese have been using ginger solution (ginger power mixed with water) to cure gas.

Other kinds of food that you should keep an eye on are noodles and wheat as well as potatoes and corn. These foods are said to contribute in the increase in the production of gas specifically in the large intestine. Vinegar is also a usual culprit for flatulence so it is better to lessen your intake of foods with vinegar.

Beans are also a major contributor to the production of gas in the intestines. However, a natural remedy for this is to ferment the beans. Cook the beans in liquor. If you would also prolong cooking the beans, it may not contribute a huge amount of gas.

On the other hand, you should then opt to increase eating foods with probiotics. One good example is yogurt. Although yogurt does not prevent farting in some cases, it is effective in eliminating the smell. Foods with probiotics are proven to reduce flatulence, smelly or not. The reason behind this is that the foods with probiotics are rich in lactic bacteria such as the Lactobacillus acidophilus. They are very effective in reducing gas. In addition, there are also supplements with natural ingredients that have L. acidophilus. They are usually cheaper than pills but they have proven their effectiveness as a cure for farting.

You should also make sure that you get sufficient amount of fiber. If you cannot have a diet with enough servings of vegetable and fruits, you may opt to take supplements that will provide you with fiber.

Most importantly, you should avoid foods that have high fat content. Meats are a great source of protein and fats. You should opt to take lean meat. They have higher protein content and less fat content.

In addition, dairy foods like eggs and cheese are also a main contributor in smelly gas. Although they are healthy, they should be taken in moderate amounts if you do not want a stinky flatus. Plus, since they are dairy products, they could send people with low lactose tolerance to the comfort room.

Meats could also contribute to the stinky smell of flatulence. Besides that they are not healthy in great amount, it heighten up the smell of your fart.

Curing Flatulence by Choosing What to Drink

Fart may also be caused by an excessive production of gastric hydrochloric acid which may be triggered by a lot of intake of lemon juice and other sour liquids. A flatus treatment may also be done by choosing what to drink and not. You do not need to avoid drinking lemon juice but you should make sure that you lessen it. A good substitute is to drink pineapple juice. The natural supplements with pineapple or papaya extracts may also help in curing smelly farts.

Most importantly, you should never forget to drink sufficient amount of water, which is 8 to 10 glasses every day. Beer may cause your body to lose water. If you cannot avoid having a bottle of beer or two, replacing the water to be lost in the process is an excellent way to prevent smelly gas. In most cases, people were able to remedy flatulence by drinking hot or warm water. It is also effective in curing bloated stomach.

In addition, milk could also cause a disturbance on your digestion especially if you have a low lactose tolerance. You could sometimes experience a feeling of all the foods you eat are wrestling inside. This may also result to mild to moderate tummy ache then a fart. The best thing to do is to observe how your body reacts to milk. This can also be applied to everything you eat and drink so you would not have to deal with a bloated stomach or sweat in preventing that smelly fart from coming out.

You could also opt to drink tea. Some good teas that could prevent smelly farts are peppermint tea, spearmint tea and caraway tea. In addition, a peppermint instead of gum to freshen the breath will help in reducing the frequency of fart and its smell.

If you want to stop sleeping flatulence, a common home remedy is by mixing water and brandy and drinking the mixture before bedtime. Ensure that the water is just warm not hot or boiling because this may negatively affect your body.

Plenty of Water

Water is great for cleansing the body inside and out. You should follow the dieticians’ advice to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. It is not only good for the health. It is also great for cleansing the digestive system to give way for another digestion. However, it is not advisable to drink water right after the meal. You may also opt to avoid drinking water during the meal. Doing so is reported to slow down the digestion which may result to a bloated stomach and, finally, a fart.

When you are already caught up with a bloated stomach, you can try drinking a warm water or having a cup of tea. Some people were also able to solve bloated stomach and irregular bowel movements, which left unsolved result to extreme smelly farts, by drinking coffee.

For diarrhea patients, a saline solution is highly recommended. However, there are already drugs as well as natural supplements that are proven to be effective in replacing water during diarrhea.

Herbal Farting Cure

Your diet is not the only way to prevent farting. You may also have herbal remedies as a good option for farting cure. Legumes, cloves and cinnamon are said to be effective in reducing the farting and eliminating the odor. Garlic, when heated, is effective in reducing farting while cinnamon is much more effective in reducing farting when it is cold.

As mentioned earlier, ginger solution is also an effective smelly farts treatment. You can make your solution by putting two or more tablespoons of ginger powder into water. It is much better if the water is warm.

Another farting cure using ginger is by having slices of ginger soaked in lemon juice. The ginger could be chewed whenever you can to cure flatus.

You could also try crushing ginger and pepper and mix it with ground cardamom seeds. Add the mixture of this natural cure of fart in a glass of water and drink.

Natural Supplements against Fart

Lastly, you could also opt to take natural food supplements. Some of them are advised to be taken before meal while others are much better to be taken after a meal. When taking food supplements that are claimed to be an effective too much smelly farts cure, make sure to evaluate the ingredients. Look for natural ingredients that are proven to be effective in reducing the gases in the intestines. As much as possible, you should look for reviews of these products so you would not waste your money.

There are natural supplements that may have organic substances that could inhibit a smelly fart. There are also some supplements designed for improving digestions so that there would be less incompletely digested foods. There are supplements that could not prevent a flatus but would get rid of its smell.

These natural or organic supplements for fart cure may be taken before or after the meal. It all depends on the direction of use so make sure to read it.

With these natural supplements that are said to be effective in curing smelly gas, you may not need to spend too much effort in observing and maintaining your diet because these natural supplements may have the substances that could reduce or prevent farting.

How Much Air Do You Breathe?

If you really want to stop farting, you should also be cautious about the air that you are inhaling. Remember that aside from the high production of gas in the intestines, too much or scarce intake of air may affect the air balance in your body and could lead to excessive farting. It may have a sound and it may also not. It all depends on the vibrations that will be created in a certain part of your anus. The most important thing is that it will not smell – for your and other people’s sake. To cure a smelly fart, make sure that you get just enough quantity of foods like egg, meat, beans, cabbage and broccoli and other fart-triggering foods. You should also take less beer and soda or cola that may contribute gas in your digestive system. If you want to, you could also opt to try some natural supplements that may lessen get rid of the smell if not the fart.

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